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Prevent Your Synthetic Turf From Burning With Clear Window Perf

Most houses in the United States use energy-efficient windows. As the name suggests, these windows help cut down your energy consumption. They make your home cooler by reflecting the UV rays away from your house. But while Low-E windows save energy, it affects the condition of your synthetic turf.

When the sun rises, window reflection occurs. A window reflection happens when the concentrated sunlight hits the glass windows. Because energy-efficient windows reflect the sunlight away from your home, they transmit it on your synthetic grass. Consequently, the temperature rises, causing it to burn the turf.

Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent your synthetic turf from burning. You only need to use a clear perforated window film.

What Is a Clear Perforated Window Film?

A clear perforated window film is a particular window tint used in many commercial buildings. Its primary purpose is to provide space for posters and campaigns. However, this is not the only reason why office buildings use perforated films.

One of the reasons is that it helps cut down energy costs. Users noticed that a room becomes cooler after applying the film to the window. They no longer need to turn up the air conditioner as the temperature is enough to make the room cooler.

Last is privacy. Once the campaign ads are in place, nobody will see what’s happening inside the office.

Why Should You Install Window Perf in Your Home’s Windows?

Though clear window perf is intended for advertising purposes, you can use it in your home. You may not use it for advertising, but you can use it for protecting your synthetic lawn from burning.

As mentioned earlier, energy-efficient windows reflect the sunlight away from your house to keep the surroundings cool. Because they don’t soak up the heat, they transfer it to your synthetic turf. As a result, the grass’ temperature rises, which leads to burning.

The clear perforated window film prevents it from happening. The tint refracts the light off, causing the temperature to go down. Hence, your artificial grass won’t melt, even if it’s scorching hot outside.

However, some people don’t want to use window perf because they believe it will only make the room dark. It could be true if you’re using a tinted window film. However, window perf doesn’t make the room dark, unless you put a poster in it.

Clear perforated window films don’t affect clarity. They don’t use a darker shade to reduce glare and to prevent the sunlight from entering. Nevertheless, they have anti-reflective properties, which minimize glare and its effect to synthetic turf.

Where to Find the Best Window Film for Artificial Turf

Many window film distributors are now selling clear perforated window films. But if you want to get a film that is made specifically for protecting artificial lawn, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. The product comes in four colors, but the most popular choice the clear perforated window film.

To learn more about the products and how they stop your synthetic turf from burning, visit windowfilmforturf.com.

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