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Problems of Damaged Turf: Prevention and Maintenance

Artificial turf is used to add grace, freshness, and value to your homes and offices. Prevention and maintenance of artificial lawn is undeniably costs lower than that of real grass maintenance. Lawn owners should learn to identify common problems encountered with installed lawn to avoid inconvenience with damaged turf in the future.

Common Turf Problems

Prevention of damaged turf is easy when you can identify the following common problems encountered with artificial turf:

  • Use a leaf blower and brush to remove fallen leaves and other debris. Use a garden hose to clear smaller debris like dusts and spills.
  • If you do not brush the lawn regularly, fallen leaves can grow weeds once decomposed. Use a weed killer to remove it.
  • Flattened fibers. Use a brush with soft bristles or rake to maintain the upward position of the fibers, giving it a more natural look.
  • Gently remove stains by blotting up liquid spills immediately after it happened. You can also use water and detergent to clean it up.
  • Animal waste. Use a poop scooper to remove the solid waste, then wash the area with a garden hose.

Aside from these common problems, there are still other concerns that homeowners may face. The top concern among artificial turf owners is turf burn – it is when your turf reaches its melting point, which is 175-200 Degree Fahrenheit. Common turf problems can be easily fixed but you do not want to encounter problems with damaged turf caused by burn.

The following are tips on how to prevent turf burn:

  • Water your lawn on regular basis. Artificial turf do not have the cooling capability, thus, it is susceptible for more heat absorption.
  • Minimize glare. You can minimize glare from windows by using protective film.
  • Survey the area for reflective surfaces. Make adjustments in placing the lawns to avoid reflective surfaces that may result to damaged turf.
  • Awning windows. This is intended to protect your turf and avoid window reflection.

In case you were not able to prevent the turf from burning, here are some ways on how to fix burnt grass:

  • Remove burnt area. Carefully cut the damaged part of the lawn.You may seek professional help in cutting large portion of damaged turf.
  • Replace burnt area. The challenge of replacing damaged turf is color difference. Do not worry because it will become less noticeable in due time.

It is advisable to have measures on turf maintenance to reduce or even prevent high repair costs. Stop the problem even before it begins. With this, there are also other ways in which you can prevent your turf from melting. A convenient and less expensive solution you may try is applying a perforated window film. This type of film can protect you turf from being melted by the harmful rays of the sun.

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