🛑 STOP Your ARTIFICIAL TURF from MELTING 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution 😎

Protect Your Artificial Turf From Concentrated Sunlight

Windows frequently reflect the sun’s rays because it is made of glass. It intensifies the heat and reflects it to your lawn. This can cause artificial turf to melt, especially if the temperature is high. This damage is a headache for homeowners.

Why Synthetic Turf Melts

Identifying the problem is not difficult; what is challenging is how to prevent it. Energy-efficient windows pose a threat to your artificial turf. It intensifies the sunlight and reflects it to your lawn. The damage it can cause in melting your artificial grass is unpleasant, and it’s becoming a known issue due to the popularity of artificial grass.

Another reason why artificial turf melts is that the material, even though it is of high quality, has a melting point of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be great to create a heat-resistant artificial grass, right? If it were possible, it would have been made ages ago. If there is such a thing, it might violate its natural feel and appearance.

Natural grass dies when exposed to extreme heat or direct heat. Like natural grass, synthetic turf also needs a bit of caring. The difference is that for artificial turf, it’s less tiring compared to maintaining the natural grass.

How to Protect Your Synthetic Turf

Acquiring a Clear Perforated Window Film is a good solution in protecting your turf from melting. This window film is placed externally of your window glass, and it protects your fake grass from melting or disintegrating.

A special advantage of using a clear perforated window film is it allows vision on one side and it limits or restricts the opposite side. It works by transmitting the light through perforation.

Why Use Clear Perforated Window Film

Clear perforated window films are best for lawn problems due to burning. It can be placed outside which causes light reflection. The window film is a good deal considering the amount of money you will spend if your synthetic turf is damaged.

If your window is facing your artificial turf, it is highly recommended to use this perforated window film. Even if a tree or any shade blocks the light of your window, it is best to act first. This makes sure your artificial grass is at its best condition, and it also avoids future problems.

This window film does not only act as a protection to your artificial grass, but it also has its own fair share of benefits and advantages as well. Aside from protecting your turf, it also provides privacy while giving you a natural view of your home.

This window film is guaranteed to stop your artificial turf from melting. Protect your artificial grass by installing a Clear Perforated Window Film. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of your turf without worrying, and it also prevents future problems. Window film is recommended to all; whether you are using a synthetic turf or natural grass. Invest now and you will surely reap what you sow.

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