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Protect Your Synthetic Turf With Screen Window Film from Turf Guard

Go outside and take a look at your synthetic turf. Do you notice any brown spots or melted grass blades?  If so, there’s only one reason behind this damage – the reflections coming from your windows.

Burnt or melted artificial grass is a widespread problem among its users. It’s more common if you live in a hot, humid country. Because windows have reflective properties, they trigger the lawn’s temperature to rise. Consequently, either the turf turns into a brown color, or the size shrinks.

Fortunately, you can protect your synthetic turf from burning or melting. You only need to use a Turf Guard screen window film.

Screen Window Film for Homes – Is It Possible?

We often see this film in stores and buildings. They use it to display the company’s ads. But did you know you could also use it at home?

Screen window films offer privacy to homeowners but allow you to enjoy the outdoor view as well. Furthermore, they can help reduce energy costs. Users noticed the cool temperature inside the house. They no longer need to turn up the air conditioner whenever the weather is hot.

It also lets the natural light come in, which is a distinctive quality of this film. Hence, you don’t need to turn on the lights in the morning, as the sunlight is enough to brighten the house.

Lastly, it has anti-reflective properties and UV blockers. These features help reduce heat and prevent furnishings from fading. Thus, you can use your furniture sets for years.

How Does Turf Guard Screen Window Film Protect Your Artificial Lawn?

As mentioned earlier, windows have reflective properties. Not only does it damage your furnishings but also your synthetic turf. Once the sun’s rays hit the window’s surface, it transmits heat, causing the temperature to rise. Consequently, the blades will burn, or worse, melt.

Although there are several ways to cool down your synthetic grass, these are only temporary solutions. In some cases, you have to wait for months before it gets the protection that it needs.

With Turf Guard Screen Window Films, you don’t have to wait that long. Once you apply it to your window, the perf will start to work. When the sun rises, and the rays hit the window’s surface, the film automatically reduces the reflection. Consequently, it soaks up the heat, making the synthetic turf a bit cooler.

However, windows aren’t the only reason why your fake lawn burns or melts. Your gutter, fence, and mirror could also trigger this damage. Like windows, they have reflective properties that cause harm to the grass.

Although these materials are not windows, the film can still reduce their effects. Thus, perforated window films can avoid the effects of reflections wherever it came from.

Protecting your artificial turf from damage is easier if you have Turf Guard Screen Window Films on your windows. Install this tint before the sun rises or summer season arrives, and you will have a healthy-looking synthetic turf all year. Visit our website, windowfilmforturf.com, and get our products.

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