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Quick and Effective Synthetic Turf Maintenance Guide

One of the benefits of using a synthetic turf is it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. There is no need for mowing and sowing. This means that you will be able to save time and money. However, to ensure that the grass will look its best, regular cleaning is still required. Don’t worry; it’s not as laborious compared to cleaning and maintaining a natural lawn.

Regular cleaning is done depending on the situation of your house. Homeowners who have kids or pets need to clean more often as compared to those who don’t. Also, if you are living in a dusty area, you should cleanse the artificial grass more often.

How Often Should You Clean

  • Weekly Maintenance

Lightly rinse the artificial grass once a week. You can spray its grass fibers using a hose in order to remove small debris and dust.

  • Monthly Maintenance

Do a thorough cleaning every month to maintain the lawn’s beauty. Dust, leaves, and dirt can be removed using a flexible rake, stiff brush (don’t use steel bristles) or broom (stiff bristles).

If the grass is not standing the way you want it to, just use a handled brush or broom to groom the lawn. Brush the grass in the opposite direction of its natural grain.

Regular maintenance keeps the infill of the synthetic turf compact and prevents matting.

Useful Tips

  • Regular Maintenance

You can keep you synthetic turf in its best condition by using a brush or plastic rake. Use a broom to remove dirt and dust build up.

  • Stain Removal

Most artificial grasses are stain-resistant. Soaking the area with a mop or sponge can easily clean spilled liquids.

  • Fungus or Molds

A solution of 1% hydrogen peroxide with water can clean the area. Use a sponge to apply the solution and rinse with water.

  • Animal Waste

Artificial turfs are pet-friendly. You can easily clean your pet’s urine with the help of running water. For pet’s waste, you can easily pick it up once it’s already dried and wash it with a mild solution if needed.

  • Gum

The quickest way to remove a gum is to freeze it. You can use either frozen or dry refrigerant aerosol cans to do this. Once it’s frozen, use a knife to gently scrape the gum.

Regular maintenance keeps the infill of the artificial turf compact, prevents matting and prolongs the synthetic turf’s quality. Maintenance is important so you can enjoy the optimum performance of the synthetic turf.

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