🛑 STOP Your ARTIFICIAL TURF from MELTING 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution 😎

Quick Guide: Prevent Artificial Turf Melting Now!

Almost all homes or businesses with wide areas for landscape encounter artificial turf melting. This presents a quick guide on what causes artificial turf from melting and how can one prevent it from happening.

Installing an artificial turf for home and business landscape has been a growing trend lately. In fact there are a number of artificial turf for sale that can be found online, just try googling the phrase “fake turf for sale” or “false turf for sale” and you will be surprised by the results.

These false grasses look real and are easily manageable. An artificial turf  has the following benefits: requires little maintenance, some types can be laid onto concrete, good for shade, roof terraces, and balconies, water conservation, ideal for landscaping, and no wear and tear.

With the range of artificial grass prices out there, you can easily choose the right artificial grass company for you.

Artificial or fake grass installation may require professional help but it’s all worth it. After it is installed, you can enjoy having a nice landscape around your home or office. Installation may take about 2 days; one day to excavate and grade 3 to 5 inches of soil and another day to roll out the carpet and affix it to the ground. 

However, after an extended period, turf melting may occur. An artificial turf that is exposed to heat can cause it to melt. It is because the kind of grass does not have the cooling property a real grass has.

The artificial turf’s direct and indirect exposure to sunlight is usually what causes it to melt. When the sun’s ray hits a window and reflects on your turf, the heat is magnified causing it to melt quickly.

So how can you prevent artificial turf melting? You may opt to buy and install a new artificial turf for a considerable amount of money. But, a quick solution is to get clear perforated window film. This type of window film blocks of the heat coming from the sun and totally stops your turf from melting.

It is quick and easy to install on your windows as you can even do it yourself. You don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your window, because it is a screen film meaning you can clearly see through your window.

This kind of window film has been a tried and tested solution for artificial turf melting. So what are you waiting? Get yourself a clear perforated window film and prevent artificial turf melting!


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