🛑 STOP Your ARTIFICIAL TURF from MELTING 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution 😎

Reasonable Options to Prevent Artificial Turf Melting

Are you uncertain if the use of synthetic grass would be more practical because you fear the possibility of artificial turf melting? Here are some useful notes before making a big switch from natural grass to synthetic ones.  

Try to list down the cost of maintenance you are spending at least every month such as the water bill, sprinkler tools like water hose and water faucets installed in the garden to maintain the soil’s moisture, and the cost of replacing plants when sometimes some of them weren’t able to withstand the extreme heat of the sun.

All of these are actually the most basic expenses of someone who maintains a natural garden. However, for the artificial garden, you just have to be wise in selecting the following:

Kinds of Synthetic Grass

If you will go to a synthetic turf shop to plainly ask how much is fake grass, the answer depends on your preferred kind. There are 3 kinds of artificial grass that are named after the materials they are made from.

  • Nylon – This is the fake grass with the hard surface feel and the most durable yet most expensive kind fake grass.
  • Polyethylene - The commonly used by most households for their artificial garden because of its realistic softness and texture. Unlike real grass turf, this kind of synthetic grass doesn’t need as much maintenance.
  • Polypropylene - This artificial turf costs the least compared to the first two. However, this is also the most delicate and prone artificial turf melting when placed to direct sunlight especially when reflected by the magnified glare from a window.

Glare-Blocking Film for Window

You will notice that each kind of synthetic grass has their diverse strength and weaknesses. Try to focus on the Polypropylene synthetic grass since it is the most affordable kind. Based on its description, it will show gradual disfiguration once placed in a heat and glare prone spot of the artificial grass backyard. Hence, the solution to install a film with the great glare-blocking feature.

Don’t let the durability issues stop you from getting the most affordable artificial turf because the clear perforated window film is here to help you in prolonging its vibrant color. It will block the glare that angles directly to your artificial landscape.

That way, you will be worry-free from any artificial turf melting possibilities. Garden embellishment doesn’t have to leave you financially broke. There is always a way to save without sacrificing your artificial garden’s look.

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