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Reasons to Choose Clear Perf Window Film Over Window Decals

Fashion is what makes things more beautiful. From decorations to clothes, may it be for kids or adults; style has become an important part of modern culture. Fashion is not just having all sorts of things decorated exaggeratedly, but being straightforward and natural as well.

Talking about fashion, do you know that your window can also be aesthetically enhanced? Yes, some materials can make your window look more than just a window. Windows can be decorated for advertisements or privacy concerns. There is what we call window decals and Clear Perf Window Film. Each has its pros and cons, and they are unique to one another.

Window Decals

Window decals are decorations for your window. It is a sticker with various designs. It can be placed on a window, and it would appear similar to printed paper. The only difference is it sticks on your window, and you can advertise anything you want.


Window decals are semi-permanent. It can be changed when necessary. They can be installed internally or externally to a window. It allows viewing from both sides. The second option available is opaque.


Once it is in place, adjusting it may be tough. If you are using the see through window sticker, viewing it from afar may be hard. If it is the dim one, natural light and the view is blocked too. It is also not proven to protect artificial turf.

Clear Perforated Window Film

A Clear Perf Window Film is another material which can be applied to a window. It allows one-way visibility, and not both ways. It can be installed internally or externally as well. This type of window film can be customized depending on your window’s needs. The view can be controlled as you desire because it comes in different shades.


One of the major advantages of using perforated window film is that it offers privacy and helps decrease temperature. It is good for your lawn, especially if you have artificial turf. It’s the best solution for artificial grass that has melted because of the increased heat caused by reflection. It prevents discoloration or fading of your furniture.

A Clear Perf Window Film also gives you a natural view of your house. Even if it is clear, you can still enjoy its benefits, and it can surely protect your artificial turf.


The perforated window film might cost just a little more than a decal. However, the price is worth it.

Both window decals and perforated window films are created for a good cause. It depends on what your needs are. It is best to go and invest in a Clear Perf Window Film. The cost might be higher than a decal, but it is worth the investment. It gives you a lot of benefits and it’s friendly to your surroundings.

Artificial turf owners are highly encouraged to use a Clear Perf Window Film because it helps prevent the melting and discoloration of the blades. Go with the Clear Perforated Window Film and you would not regret it.

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