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Scariest Thing About Window Reflection Burning the Grass

Did you know that the window reflection is burning the grass, even if it is fake? We assume that plastic lawn is resistant to heat because of the artificial grass melting point. However, this feature only indicates the amount of heat that the turf can handle. Therefore, if the temperature reaches its limit, there is a good chance that your faux grass will burn.

However,having a brown artificial grass is not the scariest thing that you will experience once the glare from a window starts burning the grass. The worst thing that can happen is losing your property.

How Does the Burnt Grass Affect You?

The reflected heat coming from Low-E windows can reach up to 200oF. Once it hits the lawn’s surface, the glare from a window burns the grass. This phenomenon could ignite a fire. If it gets too big, not only will you burn your turf, but your house as well.

How to Stop Window Reflection

There are several ways to prevent the window reflection from burning the grass. One way that you could do is to install a sprinkler system. This equipment will keep the field hydrated; hence, reducing the temperature. You just need to set up the time so that it will turn on automatically.

The downside of this solution is the consumption. Because you need to water the field every 30 minutes, you could waste too much water just to prevent this damage. Moreover, it could result in a more severe problem as the water droplets also have harmful effects. The drops of water on the grass blade can magnify the sunlight; therefore, causing further damage.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you cannot halt the window reflection from burning the grass. There is an efficient yet affordable way to block the sunlight and heat from windows. You just need to use a window film for artificial grass.

This window screen is not an ordinary window film. Unlike other types, this item looks like a bug screen. Its unique feature reduces window reflection by deflecting off the sunbeam. It also distributes the heat evenly so that all areas will get equal amounts of temperature. With this solution, not only can you protect your turf from burning but your property as well.

To ensure you get these benefits, make sure you choose Turf Guard Window Film. With our solutions, you can stop the window reflection from burning the grass.

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