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Signs That You're About to Have Glare Burns in Grass

The house where you live is more than just a house. It’s also a home, and in order for it to remain a home, you need to make it feel like a home. With that, it’s not a surprise why so many people spend their money and time for a beautiful garden. It can be devastating sometimes when you look at your lawn and see the glare burns in the grass. How you wish you could prevent the window glare from burning the grass.  You can, but the first step is to know the signs if you’re about to have glare burns in grass.

How do you avoid glare burns in the grass? Well, the first step is, knowing when it’s going to strike. Here are the signs that you need to watch out for.

Look At Your Shadow

You need to troubleshoot it for signs that the grass is exposed window reflection from the sun, and then you need to look at your shadow.

If the window glare is reflected on the lawn, then it means that the burns you see in the glass were caused by reflected heat.

Stand in the middle of your lawn. Your shadow is supposed to have a darker color. If you’re fortunate enough to find dark-colored shadow then this would also mean that your low emissivity glass wasn’t burning or melting your grass.

On the other hand, if you happen to find a lighter shadow, then it means that that the burns in your lawn is caused by reflected light.

Look to See if You Can See the Window Reflection in The Lawn

In order for grass to be healthy, make sure that it doesn’t absorb the reflection of sunlight. You’ll only see reflection on the lawn when the grass is about or has already burned. A window reflection looks like a crescent moon. If you see something like that, then that’s a sign that there’s glare burn in the grass.

The Grass Changes Color

This is probably the easiest to spot. When you see some kind of discoloration in your lawn, then it means that it is burning due to a glass reflection.

The first time you installed the turf at your place, everything was green. However, all of a sudden, the colors became uneven. That’s a sure sign that the grass is burning due to reflected light.

When you see these sings, then you shouldn’t wait another day, week, or month to pass before making a decision. Make the big leap to purchase Turf Guard Screen Film. It serves as a sun control film so that there will no glare burn in the grass. Never again will you have to think about how to fix burnt grass.

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