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Solar Reflection Results in Melting Your Synthetic Grass

Having energy-efficient windows at home makes the room cooler, despite the hot weather outside. The glass reflects the sunlight away from your house to alleviate the heat. However, this reflection can intensify the temperature to the point of melting the synthetic grass.

The synthetic lawn has an extremely high melting point that can reach up to 200 degrees. Nonetheless, it is still prone to disintegrating. What could be the reason for this damage?

Why Is Your Turf Melting?

As mentioned earlier, the sun reflecting off the window can cause the synthetic grass to melt. Because the heat has nowhere else to go, the window transmits it to your turf. As a result, the grass’ surface starts to disintegrate until there’s nothing left.

However, your energy-efficient windows aren’t only the reason why your synthetic turf is melting. Your mirrors, polished gutters, and reflective panels can melt or burn your grass. In other words, any reflective surface can trigger this damage.

Signs Your Turf Is Melting

It’s easy to know whether or not your synthetic grass is melting. The first indication is discoloration. Fake grass offers a lush green color all year as it doesn’t wilt. However, once it melts, you will see brown spots all over the area, particularly on the affected part.

Another indication is the uneven surface. The grass blades start to shrink as they can no longer handle the heat. If this sign continues, it will wipe out the lawn.

How to Prevent Your Turf From Melting

There are several ways to stop the fake lawn from melting. One of the things that you can do is to water the entire surface. This will cool down the grass; therefore, preventing melting. However, it’s only a temporary solution because its effect lasts up to 20 minutes. Therefore, you need to hydrate the lawn every 30 minutes, which is costly.

Thus, the best way to stop your fake turf from melting is by applying a window screen. Compared to other protective films, this one is placed on the outer part of the glass window. It absorbs heat and reduces solar reflections. Hence, it protects your turf from the harmful effects of the sun.

Moreover, it improves your home’s energy efficiency, allowing you to save money on electricity bills. Indeed, this is the best solution for protecting your synthetic grass. However, you will only get these benefits if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and buy our products.

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