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Stop Melted Vinyl Siding Damage

If you have a house or business with vinyl siding and there are energy efficient windows nearby, whether on your own property or on a neighboring property, your vinyl panels may be at risk of serious damage. The sunlight reflected off energy efficient windows can melt vinyl siding due to the amazing heat created by these high reflectivity windows.

How To Protect Vinyl Siding from Melting In Reflections

The best way to stop energy efficient windows from causing melting issues is to apply anti reflective window film on the windows. This type of window film will send sunlight scattering in thousands of directions instead of allowing it to become concentrated in a beam of hot light that can cause extreme damage to a property. And anti glare window film that protects vinyl siding won't reduce the efficacy of a window's energy efficiency. The window treated with anti reflective tint will still let in plenty go light and will still minimize the amount of heat and UV rays entering the home.

What Else Can Anti Glare Window Film Protect

The glare from sunlight reflected off energy efficient windows can and will melt vinyl siding under the right conditions, but that's not the only issue these types of windows can inadvertently cause. Window glare off energy efficient windows can also melt artificial turf and can scorch and kill living lawns and plants, too. This hot, concentrated light can melt outdoor furniture, and it can be quite unsafe for human exposure, too. So keep your yard, your property, and yourself safe with window film to stop reflection from windows melting and scorching your home, your land, and yourself.

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