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Stop Melted Vinyl Siding Damage

How to Stop Melted Vinyl Siding Damage with Window Film

Vinyl siding has been a popular home building material for decades and will surely remain in use for generations to come. Vinyl resists rain and snow, it doesn't crack or buckle in the extreme cold, it resists UV fading and holds its color well for years, and it provides both an aesthetic and protective enhancement to the home. And vinyl siding even resists heat well, up to a certain point. What vinyl siding can't stand up to is the super heated beams of light created by solar glare bouncing off energy efficient windows. Low-e windows have a highly reflective coating that can create very hot reflections capable of melting vinyl siding, and melted siding can't be repaired, it must be removed and replaced. If that has happened to you, don't let it happen again! Get Turf Guard Window Film installed on your windows and send that sunshine scattering harmlessly instead of letting it ruin the walls of your home.

Good Neighbors Get Turf Guard Window Film to Protect Vinyl Siding

If you are having new low-e windows installed in your home and your house is near the property line between your neighbors residence, then consider preemptively getting Turf Guard Window Film applied to your new low-e windows. This will prevent the solar glare bounced off the windows from melting the artificial turf or vinyl siding on your neighbor's property by scattering the light harmlessly. Getting Turf Guard Window Film to stop sun reflections melting vinyl siding is a thoughtful thing to do, and it can also help prevent any awkward arguments between you and your neighbors. And don't worry, anti glare window film for energy efficient windows does not make those windows any less energy efficient, and you can still see right through them.

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