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Stop Reflection Killing Grass: Ways to Fix the Problem

Glass reflection can create a lot of problems. For example, it can cause discoloration and damage to your furniture items. It is also not beneficial to your eyes. But, are you aware that you also need to stop reflection killing grass. Yes, your picturesque windows may be responsible for damaging your grass.

How a Glare from a Window Kill Grass?

Direct exposure from the sun may wilt your grass, but it cannot burn the entire lawn. Your grass has a higher chance to burn when the sun hits your windows. There are windows that come with a coating, wherein the heat is reflected away from the house. As the window film block out sun, the sunbeam goes in another direction such as in your lawn.

The low emissivity glass magnifies the heat even before the beam of light hit the grass. This process makes the grass reach their melting point. Therefore, you need to stop reflection killing grass unless you want to see brown patches on your lawn.

Ways to Stop Burning Grass

Depending on how big your window and lawn are, there are some effective ways to prevent reflection burning grass. The good news is, these are do-it-yourself methods to tackle your issue with window reflection.

Install a Canopy

Adding a canopy in your garden will not only protect your body from getting sunburn, it will also stop reflection killing grass. What you need to do is determine the affected areas on your lawn before you set up the canopy.

Keep the Grass Moist

This method not just keeps the grass hydrated, but it also stops reflection killing grass. It keeps your grass alive and cools down the temperature all through the summer season. Keep in mind that you should do your watering early in the morning, preferably before sunrise. It is because water droplets tend to intensify the sunlight and may cause damage to your grass.

Make Use of Window Film

The installation of the film is easy and the method is efficient. This type of coating is anti-reflective that decrease heat and deflect light.

By following the methods mentioned above, you can keep your grass rich and green all the time. Make sure that you identify the problem, which is your window reflection so that you can address it properly.

Therefore, installing a window film like the Turf Guard Window Film is your best weapon in preventing turf damage. It goes without saying that you are also not damaging the lawn of your neighbors.

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