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Stop the Window Reflection From Burning the Grass

Summer is just around the corner. During this season, we usually spend our time bonding with our loved ones and cooking outdoors. However, it is also the season that a grassfire is timely. This phenomenon is becoming an unexpected event due to the extreme temperature. When the natural lawn can no longer take the heat, it results in getting the grass burned.

However, heat exposure is not the only reason why the green field is on fire. Window glare can also cause this damage. Let’s discuss how the window reflection is burning the grass.

How Is Reflection From the Window Killing the Grass?

The combination of Low-E windows and direct sunlight is a recipe for disaster. Energy-efficient windows use low-emissive coatings that reflect heat away from your home. That way, you can save money on energy.

However, this thin, metallic layer magnifies, intensifies, and directs the heat onto your lawn, causing the temperature to rise. If the grass blades can no longer take the heat, it can cause burning the field, or worse, fire.

Can You Stop the Window Glare From Burning the Grass?

Yes, of course! In fact, there are many ways to prevent the window reflection from burning the grass. Here are some of them.

Change the Landscape of Your Garden.

One way to stop the glass reflection from burning the grass is by changing the landscape of your yard. Not only will it hide the imperfections caused by the reflections from windows. It will also keep your lawn away from the source of the problem.

However, you need to hire a professional landscaper as he has more experience in this kind of work. You just need to have a budget and pay for his service.

Plant Trees and Shrubs That Absorb Heat.

Watering the plants may not be enough to keep them alive, especially during summer. Therefore, to prevent the window reflection from burning the grass, you need to grow trees and bushes in areas that get the most sunlight. Trees can serve as a cover from the sun, while shrubs absorb heat. Again, you need to ask the help of a local landscaper as he knows the best solution for keeping the window glare from killing the grass.

Use Turf Guard Window Film

It is the best way to stop the window reflection from killing the grass. It has anti-reflective features that refract the light off and spread heat evenly. Indeed, it is the cheapest and the most efficient solution among the three.

Stop the window reflection from burning the grass using our Turf Guard Window Film products! Visit our website and learn more about our items.

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