Stop Vinyl Distortion With These Practical Tips

Vinyl siding is supposed to be left just as it is, but it would still need maintenance as it is vulnerable to heat damage. Prevention is the best way to stop vinyl distortion. You should be aware of the things that would lead to warped vinyl and the ways to address them.

Here are some practical and life-saving tips you need to remember to stop vinyl distortion.

Avoid Putting Hot Objects Beside Your Vinyl Siding

Installing a barbecue grill beside or near your walls is a big no-no. Heat can easily trigger the melting point of vinyl. This would result in discolored and warped vinyl siding. Remember that the walls can weather certain conditions, but it cannot tolerate too much thermal pressure.

You might also need to reconsider using torches to accentuate the house. The wall protection just needs to reach a certain level of temperature for it to ignite flames.

Cover Your Windows Up With Awnings or Canopies

You can also choose to put up awnings or canopies on your glass windows and doors to stop vinyl distortion. Stylish ones that could match your total aesthetics are readily available in the market.You can do a little research on the perfect color combinations for your home.

Aside from protecting you from the heat of the sun, the awning can also be a good temporary shed before you go out during the rainy season.

The canopies prevent the window from reflecting your walls, which would avoid vinyl distortion. They also give your house an extended look – creating an illusion of having a spacious area.

Use Siding Guard Window Film to Protect Your Vinyl Siding

Interestingly, the simplest yet effective solution to avoid reaching vinyl melting point will not cost you hundreds of dollars. The Siding Guard Window Film guarantees to protect your home from reflecting too much heat inside and outside. It also serves as a screen for bugs.

What is best about this product is that you do not need professional help to install it. All you need to do is follow the 7-step instruction on the manual. It can also be found on the website. You will definitely save effort, money, and time. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with a pat on the back.

Stop vinyl distortion with the Siding Guard Window Film. You will surely get more than what you will pay for. Check out our website and pick the color you like.

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