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Stop Your Turf From Melting Out Through These Techniques

Is your turf melting out? It is one of the common concerns of many artificial grass owners. They notice patchiness and uneven colors throughout the lawn. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent artificial turf melting. However, you need to know first why your synthetic grass is disintegrating.

Why Is My Artificial Grass Thawing?

There are a few reasons why your turf is melting out. One reason could be the direct application of heat. It happens when you cook outside your house or light up a fire pit. Sparks could go all over the lawn, causing the blades to disintegrate.

The second reason could be sun exposure. Too much sun exposure can also result in melting out in the turf. Because the grass can no longer take the heat, there is a bigger chance that it will melt.

Nonetheless, one of the primary reasons why your synthetic turf is melting is due to window reflection. Windows, particularly the low emissive ones, can generate heat as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature exceeds the melting point of artificial turf, chances are, the blades could disintegrate.

Is There a Way to Stop the Artificial Lawn From Thawing?

There are several ways to prevent your turf from melting out. Your method must depend on the source of the problem.

For instance, if your cooking equipment is causing the grass to melt, then you should keep it away from your lawn. Better yet, cook inside your home so you can avoid this issue.

If the main cause is direct sunlight, you can water the artificial grass every 30 minutes daily to lower the temperature. However, it could increase your water bills, which is the opposite of its purpose.

However, if your artificial grass is melting due to window reflection, then it is best if you use a window film for artificial grass. Do not just get any window tinting product. You should pick Turf Guard Window Film.

Unlike its competitors, this one does not block the light. Hence, you can save so much money on electricity bills if you apply it to the exterior part of your window. Nonetheless, it prevents the blades of the synthetic turf from disintegrating. When the sun hits the film, it automatically deflects off the light and distributes heat evenly. With this solution, you will no longer see melting spots on your lawn.

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