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Sun Reflection: The Prime Suspect Why the Fake Lawn Burns

The temperature is continuously rising because of global warming. This phenomenon has affected not only humans but all other living creatures as well. The water becomes scarce, and the ground is hotter than ever. This can be the reason that your fake lawn is melting.

The artificial grass is naturally hotter as it is made of plastic, which absorbs heat. Furthermore, it has an extremely high melting point that can reach up to 200 degrees. However, it is still susceptible to burning. This happens when the sunlight hits the window, creating a reflection.

What Is Solar Reflection and How Does It Affect Your Lawn?

Solar reflection refers to the concentrated light beam from your windows. The latest window panels use a Low-E coating that prevents heat from entering a room through a reflection. Because the heat has nowhere to go, it tends to bounce off your fake lawn. As a result, the surface turns into a brown color, an indication that the grass blades are burning.

How Will You Know if Reflected Heat Causes the Damage?

Of course, the sun’s reflection isn’t the only prime suspect. Any object that has reflective properties can burn your artificial lawn. This could be your door or your polished gutter. Aside from that, your cooking equipment and fire pits can also burn the grass. Each cause has its indication.

To know the reason why your fake lawn is burning, you need to do either of the following tips:

  1. Look around and find where the damaged area is.
  2. Monitor the temperature of the artificial turf, particularly between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.
  3. Stand on the affected area and look at the color of your shadows. If it shows a lighter color, it only means that the sun’s reflection causes the damage.

How to Stop the Sun’s Reflection From Damaging Your Lawn?

We cannot control the sun from creating a reflection or the temperature from rising. However, we can prevent their harmful effects on your synthetic grass. You can put awnings on your windows. They block the sunlight and decrease the temperature. However, they dim the room as they hinder the natural light from entering your room.

Thus, the best choice would be Turf Guard Window Film. It doesn’t obstruct the light, allowing you to save energy costs. Nonetheless, it preserves the beauty of your synthetic lawn, thanks to its UV protection and anti-glare properties.

If you want to get these perks for your fake lawn, then you should buy Turf Guard Window Film products.

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