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Sunlight Causes Artificial Turf Melting? The Solution's So Simple

When it comes to being practical, synthetic grass has always been the easy option over having  traditional, natural grass.  Artificial turf melting is, apparently, the only problem one needs to worry about when considering this option. The cost of growing natural grass for one’s yard may seem cheaper than how much does fake grass cost, but the latter would be more economical in the long run.

Why Choose Artificial Grass in the First Place

Those who don't have the time to tend their lawn would find fake plastic grass the perfect option. Artificial grass saves gallons and gallons of water every year. The only apparent tasks that one needs to do in using synthetic grass on their lawn or garden would be to buy grass turf and lay it on one’s lawn. The only maintaining and tending it requires is preventing artificial turf melting.

The Sun’s Effect on Artificial Grass

Grass, whether natural or synthetic, is exposed to sunlight from sunrise to sunset.  Most materials under exposure from the sun's rays that long would also be vulnerable to solar heat. The common notion is that the sun is the primary cause of melting on artificial turf. We could say this is true. But, believe it or not, the melting of artificial grass is not caused by the sun alone.

The Real Reason Behind Artificial Turf Destruction

Throughout the years, artificial grass has been developed to endure more than natural grass does. So, aside from the sun, what causes the melting of artificial grass?

It turns out that this primary problem is caused by window panes. When sunlight, along with UV rays are reflected from the windows off to the lawn, it results in additional heat energy degrading the material that comprises synthetic grass. It is as if the lawn is receiving sunlight from two suns!

To give you an idea how window panes harm your lawn, know that when a surface reflects the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays onto another surface, the heat can be potent enough to melt thick plastics.

The Simple Solution to The Problem

When realistic fake grass melts, the color becomes dull and its natural luster fades away. It would be costly to keep replacing the artificial turf. Thankfully, there is a solution. Clear Perforated Window Film has been proven to protect turf from the harmful glare reflecting off of windows.

When applied, it prevents sunlight from being reflected off of the windows and allows natural light to still enter the house for maximum visibility. It is a must-have if you have natural or fake grass for outside on your lawn. If you’re still just thinking about buying fake grass, then this type of window film should be included in your shopping list to prevent artificial turf melting.

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