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Synthetic Turf Melted? Here's How to Repair Artificial Grass

People love artificial grass because it's low maintenance. However, it's still prone to dust and a little wear and tear. But the biggest problem owners of synthetic lawns face is artificial grass melting from the heat of the sun. Luckily, you can still repair artificial grass if needed.

Why Does Artificial Grass Melt?

One question that a lot of property owners ask is why does artificial grass melt. The answer can be found in the light reflecting off windows. When sunlight hits a window, especially during the morning or afternoon, the glass acts as a reflector that magnify's the sun's rays. The beam of light that falls on the turf can reportedly reach temperature levels that far exceeds what synthetic grass can handle. This results in the lawn melting.

This problem extends beyond artificial grass melting. The reflected light from windows can melt plastic furniture and vinyl sidings. It can also burn natural grass, damage cars and cause third-degree burns.

What Can I Do to Repair Artificial Turf?

The solution to the problem of melting turf is quite simple – apply a film like Turf Guard Window Film on your windows. A window film can reduce the glare that comes from windows or glass doors. It diffuses the sun's rays, thereby reducing the heat of the reflection and preventing grass, both natural and artificial, from burning.

But let's say the damage has already been done and a part of the lawn has melted. Can you still repair artificial grass? Fortunately, yes. You can just cut out the damaged part and replace it with a new piece. Hopefully, you have saved some of the turf that was left over after installation. You can use that to repair artificial grass. 

In the case of synthetic grass pulling away from a seam, you can just use any strong elastic glue. Run a small line of adhesive glue along the tear, press close and avoid walking on the synthetic lawn for at least a day.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This holds particularly true in the case of artificial grass melting because of the sun's reflection. Prevent the problem from happening by installing Turf Guard Window Film on your windows. It will stop you from having to repair artificial grass every time your turf melts and will help keep your synthetic lawn looking fresh and green for a long time.

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