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The 5 Easy Step Maintenance Guide for Artificial Grass

Many people choose artificial grass over the natural lawn because it doesn’t need preservation. However, this is just a misconception. Both lawn and turf require upkeeping. The only difference is that the latter requires lower maintenance than the former.

The question is how to care for your plastic grass? Five easy tips to remember when taking care of your fake lawn are listed below.

1. Brush the pile at least once a month.

Whether you’re using a product of Synthetic Turf International or a local artificial grass brand, you need to brush the grass blades. Cleaning the piles can help stand up the fibers. Additionally, it will spread out the infills so that your lawn will look and stay fresh.

When brushing the turf, you need to make different strokes. You can use a stiff brush to do this trick. You can also use motorized brushes. This tool will make brushing the grass blades easy. Furthermore, you can stroke the piles in many directions.

2. Remove any debris on the field.

Another way to upkeep your fake grass is to sweep its surface. Remove seeds, leaves, or any debris on the turf. These elements not only make your artificial grass dirty but can also clog the drainage system. Furthermore, dirt encourages weed to grow.

To keep the lawn clean, you need to sweep it regularly. As for the weed issue, you need to ask the turf grass installation service if they have a lawn with a geotextile membrane. This feature will keep the unwanted weeds at bay.

3. Free the grass blades.

If your furniture sets rest on your fake turf for a long time, you need to move them now and then. Prolonged compaction will affect the turf’s ability to bounce back if you won’t give it a rest.

4. Clean the grass carpet

If you read a lot of turf guide books before, most of them would recommend cleaning the fake grass field. Sweeping the debris isn’t enough. You need to scrub it with turf solutions and rinse it with tap water to remove discoloration and smell.

5. Protect your turf from heating up.

The heat coming from a bonfire, gas grill, and double-paned window can damage your grass. If you exposed your lawn to heat, it could melt or burn the grass. To prevent this, you must avoid lighting up a fire pit or grill near your lawn. You also need to apply a window film to your window to reduce the effects of reflective heat.

When protecting your artificial grass from turf damage, make sure that you use the Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out how our products can keep your lawn in good condition.

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