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The Culprit: What Causes Death to Natural Grass?

Living in a house with a lawn means you need to maintain not just the inside of your house, but the outside of your home as well. Aside from keeping your home exterior fresh, one thing you also have to work on is keeping your lawn or garden pretty. When you think of a lawn, the first thing that comes to mind is grass and plants.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer artificial grass over real, natural grass. Artificial grass requires low maintenance. There is no need to water or fertilize them regularly. However, if you have a green thumb and prefer to grow things, natural grass is the way to go.

Lawn and Grass Maintenance 101

Having a 'live lawn,' or a lawn with natural living grass requires a lot of maintenance. Aside from the fact that they need to be watered, you also need to mow them regularly to ensure the length is the same across your lawn. The purpose of having grass in your lawn is to make the outside of your house pretty with lush greens. An unkempt lawn is not very pleasing to the eye.

Every now and then, you need to fertilize your grass to keep them healthy. An unhealthy grass will turn brownish, which will again defeat the purpose of having green grass on your lawn.

In a perfect world, you’ll always have time to water, mow and fertilize your lawn. Let's say you are very diligent in maintaining your live lawn, what other things could go wrong in having live natural grass?

Too Much Sun Will Kill You

It is a known fact that for plants to grow, they need sunlight and water. However, too much sunlight and extremely high temperature will kill them too. If you live in an area where it's usually sunny and warm, you will need to water your lawn more often than those who live in relatively colder areas.

It's also important to know that the sun's reflection from energy efficient windows are actually silent grass killers. The light reflection and heat that bounces off these windows are hotter than usual. The nature of the window renders a higher temperature when they hit the grass.

Stopping the Sun from Destroying Live Lawns

The good news is that there is an easy and affordable way to stop the reflection for killing your live lawn. Installing anti-reflective window film will keep your grass green. For more information on how to purchase and install these window films, go to windowfilmforturf.com.

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