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The Dangers of Energy-Efficient Windows on Your Artificial Grass

Energy-efficient windows could be a cost-effective solution in saving your electricity bills. However, it causes harm to artificial grass. In this post, we will focus on its effects to the new turf. We will also talk about how you can avoid the dangers of using Low-E windows. But first, let’s discuss what synthetic grass is.

The Use of Artificial Turf

Artificial grass was invented in 1965 as a replacement for natural turf. However, the first contemporary weed looked cheap. Thus, it didn’t hit the market. As the years went by, the appearance of this lawn has changed. In fact, you could hardly distinguish what is natural and what is synthetic unless you take a closer look at it.

Synthetic turf offers many uses, aside from replacing your natural lawn. You can use it to save your money for other purposes as it only requires little maintenance. Moreover, you use it as a mini-golf course or as a carpet if you want. The sky is the limit when it comes to its benefits and uses.

The Effects of Low-E Windows to Artificial Lawn

Though artificial grass is an efficient way to save money and water, it still has some flaws. Users of this turf noticed that their lawn was shrinking and turning into a dull color. Several factors trigger this condition. However, the primary reason is your windows.

Windows, particularly energy-efficient windows, have magnifying glass-like properties. When the glass is exposed to the sun, it could cause burning or melting. The reason for this is because it doesn’t absorb heat, which results in increasing the temperature. If you don’t take action, not only will it melt the artificial grass, but it could cause a fire.

How to Prevent Burning or Melting Caused by Low-E Windows

After knowing this information, you may ask yourself whether you should get rid of your turf or your window. Fortunately, you don’t have to make a choice. You can have both in your house if you apply window films to your windows. But not just any window tint, it should be the perforated film.

This particular window tinting does not make your room darker. It allows the natural light to come into your home. It also lets you enjoy the outdoor view. Moreover, it has UV blockers that protect your furnishings from fading.

But the thing that sets it apart from other window tints is its care for your synthetic lawn. The film reduces the reflective properties of the window glass and soaks up the heat. Consequently, your grass field won’t reach its melting point as the window glass tint already stops it.

With this product, you could save energy costs and preserve the beauty of your lawn at the same time. You only need to ensure that you get it from a reliable manufacturer, such as the Turf Guard, to enjoy its benefits.

Get the protection that you need for your artificial grass! Go to our website, windowfilmforturf.com, and order our perforated window film products.

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