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The Easiest Methods to Lower Turf Maintenance Cost

Have you already compared artificial grass prices and bought the top choice? Are you concerned with the maintenance cost? Here are the easy ways to lower your turf maintenance cost:

  1. Make use of rainfall;
  2. Combine warm water and a 5% mixture of a gentle household detergent;
  3. Be prompt;
  4. Identify cleaners which can be applied liberally and those which should be only lightly applied; and
  5. Allow pet solid waste matters to dry before disposal.


The best synthetic turf cleanser which is also the most economical and affordable is none other than rainfall. When rainfall is common in your area, you won’t have a problem with keeping your artificial grass pristine. If it is rare, a quick splash using a water hose does the trick to remove the pollen or dust present on your artificial lawn. This is definitely a free method to take advantage of to help lower the total turf maintenance cost.

Warm Water and Gentle Household Detergent

A simple solution of 5% gentle household detergent and warm water works for cleaning lightly soiled portions on your artificial lawn. A sponge mop can be used on the affected area. Afterwards, it must be rinsed thoroughly. The maintenance cost will be nothing compared to the artificial grass cost with this method.


When it comes to stains, promptness is a critical element. It is absolutely easier to clean a fresh stain or blemish compared to a dried one. Once dried, the stubborn stain will become hard and will set in. When this happens, one will have to use a knife or spatula to remove the now-solid deposits.

Liquid remains can be easily drawn in by dry absorbents like a paper towel or a clean cloth. Afterwards, some of the absorbents can be washed and reused. The artificial turf residential cost will definitely be liquefied through promptness.


Some cleaning chemicals are pretty safe for synthetic grass. One can apply most of these liberally. However, some cleaners can end up damaging the top fibers. Thus, these kinds of cleaners should be applied through a cloth soaked to a minimal degree in the agent. With proper agent identification, your field turf backyard cost will easily be minimized.

Pet Waste Materials

To reduce waste odors, waste matters should be allowed to dry. It can be disposed of afterward. For urine, drainage can be achieved by a regular hosing down with water. This will keep the artificial grass hygienic. 

There might be doubts in your head if your turf installation cost was worth the price. Will your artificial grass give the promise of beauty? Just see the video below for the transformation of an ugly lawn into a synthetic-grass-filled one.

The guaranteed minimal maintenance fees, if not freedom from expenses, will make up for your installation cost worries. Wait no more and take action in lowering your turf maintenance cost.

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