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The Mystery Behind the Window Reflection Melting the Vinyl Siding

Many reports show that the window reflection is melting the vinyl siding. The question is, how does this happen? Let’s all find out what causes this problem, and how to prevent this phenomenon. However, you need to know why PVC cladding is still gaining popularity, despite its susceptibility to deformation.

Why Many People Use Plastic Siding as Their Outer Wall?

There are several reasons why many homeowners still choose this type of cladding over other materials. For one, the vinyl wall is relatively cheap. Secondly, it adds curb appeal to any property because of its look. Lastly, you can install the wall on your own.

For these reasons, many people don’t seem to mind its setback, which is thermal distortion. This problem occurs when the cladding reaches the vinyl siding melting temperature.

What Causes the Cladding to Reach Its Melting Point?

Many people think that fire is the only reason why the exterior wall is distorting. However, as mentioned earlier, window reflection is also melting the vinyl siding.

There are two causes of vinyl siding melting. One is the sun’s rays. When the sun is at the right position and hits your neighbor’s Low-E window, it concentrates the light and shoots it onto the house next door. As a result, your vinyl siding looks melted.

However, experts say that this only happens when the energy-efficient coating becomes slightly concave. Nonetheless, they claim that it is only a rare case as not all glass windows can trigger this damage.

How to Stop Vinyl Siding Melting From Window Reflection

There are a couple of ways to avoid the window reflection from melting your vinyl siding. One way to prevent this damage is by getting a vinyl siding that doesn’t melt. It has a higher melting point as opposed to the standard PVC wall. However, it is more expensive due to its added features. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, then this may not be the best option.

Another way to stop vinyl siding melting damage is by applying exterior window screens. It is one of the cheapest yet the most efficient vinyl siding melting solutions. The film diffuses the heat, causing it to lower its temperature. Moreover, it refracts the light off; therefore, reducing glare.

All these window screen benefits and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Buy our perforated window screens and let our products stop the window reflection from melting the vinyl siding.

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