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The Real Reason Behind the Sun Reflecting Off Window Killing Grass

Many people do not know that the sun reflecting off a window is killing the grass. We are aware  that insufficient water supply and excessive sun exposure are the reasons why the lawn is wilting. The question is, how is the sun reflection killing the grass?

How Is the Glare From a Window Killing the Grass?

The combination of the sun’s powerful rays and Low-E windows can cause the turf to die. When the sun rises and hits the Low-E coating, it intensifies the sunlight and then transmits it on your field. This phenomenon can reach the melting point of artificial grass. If this happens, the glare from the window burns the grass.

How to Identify if the Sun Reflection Is Causing the Damage?

It is easy to know whether the sun reflecting off a window is killing the grass. You just need to do the following tips:

  1. Monitor the temperature between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Has the surface exceeded the fake grass melting point?
  2. Touch the surface of the lawn for at least 5 seconds. Were you able to take the heat?
  3. Stand in the afflicted area and look at your shadow. What is the shade of your silhouette?

If yes is your answer to the first question, then your artificial turf starts melting. As for the second question, if your answer is no, it means that the field is disintegrating. As for the last question, if the shade of your shadow is light, then the sun reflecting off your window is killing the grass.

What Can You Do to Stop This Damage?

There are several ways to end this turf problem. However, you must keep in mind that these solutions will not eliminate the cause. They will only reduce the effects. Here are some ways to stop this turf damage.

  1. Water the Area Every Half an Hour.

One way to cool down the grass’ temperature is to keep its surface hydrated. Fake turf is naturally hotter than the real ones. Hence, it absorbs water in just 5 to 20 minutes. To keep its lush green color, you need to water the area every 30 minutes.

  1. Apply Window Film for Turf.

If you do not want to waste water, then this is the best choice. The film refracts the light off; thus, reducing sun reflection. It also spreads out the heat throughout the turf’s surface. That way, all parts will get the same amount of temperature.

To get these window screen perks, be sure to choose Turf Guard Window Film. Buy our products and let them stop the sun reflecting off your window from killing your grass.

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