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The Shocking Revelation About Artificial Turf Melting

Artificial turf melting is one of the primary concerns for many users. This phenomenon happens during summer when the weather is at its peak temperature. However, not all people know the disadvantages of having melted artificial grass. Because it is barely new in the market, only a few people know about its setbacks.

In this post, we will give you some disadvantages of this turf damage that may shock you.

The Shocking Revelation About Melted Turf

We all know the advantages of having artificial grass in your garden, but did you know its drawbacks? Here are some unexpected setbacks of facing artificial turf melting problems.

It Requires More Water Than What You Expect

One of the primary reasons why consumers are switching to the fake lawn is to conserve water. However, once the synthetic turf starts melting, it needs more water than it used to. That is because water can cool down the temperature of the plastic grass. However, you need to do it every half an hour to keep the lawn fresh.

It Is Warmer Than the Real Turf

Because it is a fake lawn, you should expect that the turf is naturally hotter than the real one. When exposed to reflected heat coming from energy-efficient windows, it gets even warmer. Hence, it is quite impossible to step on the turf’s surface for hours.

It Can Cause Cancer

 Studies reveal that when the artificial turf is melting, it could trigger cancer. The dissolved materials can enter your pores without knowing it. If you exposed yourself to melted grass, you would put yourself at risk.

Can You Stop These Disadvantages?

Of course, you can! You just need to halt the window reflection from damaging the artificial grass. There are two ways to end this problem. You can either install an awning window or apply a window film for turf.

Use an Awning Window

An awning window is a type of replacement window that you can combine with other window styles. Its primary purpose is to allow air ventilation and to reduce glare. However, choosing this approach can be expensive. Aside from buying the material, you also need to hire the installer to ensure that the frame is in place.

Apply a Window Film for Artificial Grass

It is the cheapest yet the most efficient option to prevent this damage. It has anti-reflective properties that deflect off the light. Furthermore, it distributes the heat evenly.

To ensure you get these features and perks, make sure you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Find out how our products can stop the artificial turf from melting.

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