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Things That Make You Love and Hate Melted Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl siding is one of the favorite choices of many homeowners when it comes to wall materials. It’s affordable, but it gives your home a unique look. It’s also durable and it prevents moisture in your home. However, many homeowners have experienced melted vinyl siding. This problem occurs when you or your neighbor uses Low-E windows.

How Low-E Windows Melt Your Vinyl Siding

Two contributing factors trigger this issue. First is when the sun is in the right direction. Once the sunbeam hits the window pane of the Low-E window, it bounces off the light to the next-door cladding. As a result, this intense heat triggers the vinyl siding melting point, which causes your wall to distort.

However, according to experts, this only occurs when the glass window is slightly concaved. This phenomenon can happen when there’s a change in barometric pressure.

How to Prevent This Problem

Fortunately, you can protect your vinyl siding from melting. You just have to do some melted vinyl siding repair.

There are tactics that can reduce the effects of energy-efficient windows on your sidings. However, these melted vinyl siding repair solutions still have flaws.

Listed below are the pros and cons of each solution for this problem.

  1. Heat Resistant Vinyl Siding

This one is more resistant to higher temperatures than standard vinyl siding. Additionally, it is energy-efficient as it locks the cold air inside your home.

However, if you choose this solution, you must prepare your budget. Aside from buying the materials, you need to hire a professional to install the sidings on your wall, which can be costly.

  1. Use a Standard Window

Another melted vinyl siding repair solution that you can try is to replace your energy-efficient windows with standard windows. These windows don’t give the same effect on your siding. Hence, you can avoid this damage.

Because it’s a standard model, it can increase your electricity bill. You may need to open the window to save energy. Remember, this problem is not permanent. You just need to look for a solution that is affordable and will help you conserve energy.

A good solution is the Turf Guard Window Film. This product uses a bug-screen-like feature that spreads the heat all over your siding. Additionally, it allows natural light to come into your home, which lets you save energy during the daytime.

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