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Things to Avoid to Prevent Artificial Turf Melting

Artificial turf melting is a headache for most homeowners who have not yet discovered the perfect solution to it. Maybe you already know that the heat of the sun is the main reason why your lawn gets damaged. Sunlight hits reflective surfaces, and the heat is reflected onto your lawn, thereby damaging it.

Before you search on “where to buy fake grass?” you first need to know what to avoid in preventing damage to your turf. If you already know the cause and the solution, then the imitation grass cost that you paid for as well as the installation fee will all be worth it.

Things That Causes Damage to Artificial Grass

Here are the things that can cause damage to your turf:

1. Barbeque equipment

Even if you buy the best rated artificial grass, it is still prone to damage if you position your barbeque equipment poorly. Some barbeque equipment has polished surfaces that can reflect the sun’s heat and damage your grass.

2. Toys

Leaving shiny toys on your turf can also damage your grass especially if the toys sit there for an extended period. If the toys are exposed to the sun's heat, they can cause your lawn to melt and curl. There are even instances when balls or chairs left on an afro turf grass field melted said turf. Always remember that no toys or furniture should be placed on your fake turf for extended periods.

3. Decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors that are hung outside your home can damage a large area of your turf as it can reflect a significant amount of light.

4. Panels

Door shed or metal panels have large surfaces that are reflective and can damage your grass when exposed to the sun.

5. Direct flame

If reflected heat can cause artificial turf melting, then a direct application can severely damage your grass. Make sure to keep away cigarettes, fire, or barbeque coals from your artificial grass to prevent it from burning.

6. Low-e windows

Your energy efficient windows are also on the list of things that can damage your turf. Make sure to install window films on your windows to refract the light and decrease the glare which causes melting to your grass.

For you to have the best artificial lawn in your neighborhood, you need to ensure that you know how to protect it first. Since reflected heat from your home's windows is the primary factor that causes melting, then you should find a means to prevent your home's windows from reflecting heat. Clear perforated window film is the perfect solution to avoid artificial turf melting.

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