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Things to Consider on Why Glare Damage Plants

Experts say that the glare from a window burns or even kills grass, which leads people to ask this question: how glare damages the plants?

If you watch this video below, it says that the window glare can damage artificial grass. However, it is not the only thing that it can ruin. The sun’s reflection can kill plants and even destroy your car’s trims, vinyl siding, and furniture.

The question is, how is the window reflection created?

Window Reflection: The Leading Cause of Turf Issues

In science, we define reflection as the bouncing of light, sound, or object without absorption. This is what happens to sunlight when it reaches the Low-E window. The glazing used by this window reflects heat away from your room to help stabilize the room temperature. Since it has nowhere else to go, the Low-E coating intensifies the sunlight and shoots it to a nearby plant like a laser beam. As a result, the glare damages your plants.

However, this only occurs every summer when the temperature is too high, or when the Low-E coating becomes slightly concave.

Ways to Stop the Window Reflection From Damaging Your Plants

Fortunately, there are several ways to stop solar heat damage to your plants. Listed below are some tips on how to reduce summer heat and its effects on your turf and flowers:

1. Install Supplementary Roofs

    If you have enough space in your garden, you can set up a supplementary roof. This additional cover blocks the sunlight from reaching the glass window. Additionally, it cools down the temperature inside your home, which lessens heat absorption. However, this solution can dim your house. Hence, if your house interior is already dark, this may not be your best option.

    2. Renovate the Landscape of Your Garden

      If you have a budget, you can hire a landscaper to change the landscape of your yard. This person tells you which areas get the most heat and light. With the professional’s help, you do not need to wonder why and how the glare damages your plants.

      3. Use Perforated Window Screens

        This is the best solar heat reduction tool. Although it has no light absorption qualities, it does not make the room dark. Once the sun shines on the film, it automatically refracts the light off and spreads out the heat evenly. Additionally, these films have holes that brighten up the entire room, allowing natural light to enter your house.

        All these window film features and more are available at the Turf Guard Window Film. Visit the website for more info about our products and how the glare damages your plants.

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