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Things to Consider on Why Window Glare Damage Grass

We have heard how window glare can damage your grass. We have also discussed some ways on how to stop window reflection. But did you know the things to consider why this problem occurs?

We always blame the window glare when the grass starts burning because of the extreme heat as shown in this video below:

However, this is not the only reason for this damage. Listed below are the things you need to consider as to why this problem occurs:

1. The Mirror Outside Your House

    Side mirrors and car windows can create window glare that can damage your grass. The mirror produces a glass reflection and bounces it to your turf. As a result, it burns or kills the lawn in your garden.

    2. The Condition of Your Polished Gutters

      Although it is not glass, the smooth gutter absorbs heat and reflects the sunlight. When the sunlight reflects over the grass surface, it causes your turf to burn.

      3. Your Energy-Efficient Windows

        As mentioned in the video, energy-efficient windows are the leading causes of turf problems. It creates a window glare that damages your grass. But according to experts, this only occurs when the Low-E glass window becomes slightly concave. It produces a highly concentrated heat, which creates a magnifying glass effect.

        How to Stop Window Reflection

        There are several ways to stop the sun reflection from damaging your turf. You can do any of the following tips:

        1. Put Living Privacy Screens in Front of Your Windows

          Even if they are not heated reflective window coating, these privacy screens can help reduce the effects of reflective heat on your grass. Living privacy screens, such as shady trees and shrubs prohibit the sun from reaching the windows. Furthermore, they cool down the temperature both inside and outside your home as they produce clean, fresh air.

          2. Apply Perforated Window Screens to Your Windows

            This film is like a thermal film for glass windows. The screen diffuses heat so that all areas in your garden can get the same amount of temperature.

            While it is intended to reduce the adverse effects of solar heat, it still allows natural light to brighten up the room. These films have holes where natural light can pass through the screen.

            All these benefits and more are available at the Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and learn how window glare can damage your grass, and how to stop it with our products.

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