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Things to Look Out for When Buying Artificial Turf

Your budget is not the only thing you should consider when you decide to replace your natural lawn with artificial grass. Installing fake turf in your yard is a big investment to make. Therefore, you should make sure that the grass you choose will last for many years.

When using synthetic grass, having the knowledge on how to care of your lawn is not enough. You also need to learn the things you need to look out for when buying this product. To ensure that you get high-quality grass, you need to consider the following:

1. Traffic

One of the things to consider is foot traffic. Do you have children or pets who always want to play in the field? If so, you need to get a turf that is highly durable. Long-wearing fake grass can handle heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, you can play in the grass field after long hours of use. You just need to give it a rest.

2. Quality

Quality artificial grass feels soft to the touch. Moreover, it has an even backing, well-stitched tufts, and a uniform shade. However, it is pretty expensive, but if you’re looking for a long-term investment, then this is the best choice.

    3. Pile height

      Pile height pertains to the grass blade measurement. Most people choose a turf with higher grass blades because of its lush green color. However, taller pile height will look flat because the grass blades are heavier than natural grass. Thus, they are likely to bend over due to gravitational pull.

      If you don’t want to compromise the color, you need to get an artificial grass with a pile height of 30 to 37 millimeters. If you want to place furniture sets on the lawn, go for shorter grass blades.

        4. Melting point

          Like natural grass, artificial turf also has limits, and one of their boundaries is the temperature. Once the heat triggers the grass melting point, the pile height will shrink, and discoloration will appear.

          To prevent this from happening, get a turf with a lighter infill. Studies show that lighter shades absorb less heat than darker ones.

            5. Maintenance

              You should also consider how to care of your lawn because the natural lawn and turf have different needs. If natural grass needs water and fertilizers, fake lawns only require cleaning and brushing.

              Now that you know what to consider when buying artificial grass, it is time to figure out how to prevent turf burn. There are many ways to avoid this damage. However, the best solution is the Turf Guard Window Film. Go to their website and learn how their products prevent turf damage.

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