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Tips for Preventing the Glass Reflection From Killing Your Grass

Is the glass reflection killing the grass in your garden? Many people still do not believe that glare from windows burns the grass. Homeowners think that insufficient water supply is the one to blame. However, no matter how many times you water the entire field, it is still susceptible to wilting.

Fortunately, there are several ways to stop the glass reflection from killing the grass. However, you need to know first the reason why your lawn is dying.

Why Is Your Green Field Wilting?

While there is a basis why people blame inadequate water supply, it is not the only reason why your lawn is dying. Many reported cases prove that the window reflection is killing the grass. This problem occurs when you are using an energy-efficient window. These windows use a special coating that reflects the heat away from your home. That way, homeowners will feel comfortable while staying at the house.

However, this purpose creates a problem to your lawn. When the sunlight strikes the glass window, it intensifies and concentrates the heat on your lawn. As a result, it reaches the real grass burning point, causing it to wilt.

Ways to Prevent the Window Glare From Killing the Grass

Fortunately, you can avoid the glass reflection from killing your grass. Your chosen tactic must lie on your budget and your needs.

Change the Landscape of Your Garden

One way to stop the window reflection from burning your grass is by giving your yard a revamp. You may put some stones in the affected area, or any decoration that will hide the imperfection. Not only will it enhance the beauty of your orchard, but it will also halt the glare from a window from killing the grass.

However, this method requires a hefty amount of cash. Aside from buying the tools and materials that you need, you also need to hire a landscaper. This person knows what to do with this type of condition.

Use a Perforated Window Film

Used for posting ads to the building’s windows, you can also use it to protect your lawn from wilting. The film has anti-reflective properties that refract off the sunbeam; hence, eliminating glare. Moreover, it ensures that all areas get the same amount of heat. That way, you will no longer see any burnt spots in your lawn.

Turf Guard Window Film offers these window film features. Visit our website and learn how our products prevent the glass reflection from killing the grass.

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