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Tips on How to Make Your Artificial Turf Last Longer

Who says that you need a ton of money and effort to have a beautiful lawn? These days, homeowners often resort to artificial turf since it tends to last longer.

Artificial turf can last with little to no maintenance. This is perfect for individuals with busy schedules, and even those who simply have no patience for the regular upkeep of their lawn. With artificial grass, you can enjoy a stunning lawn that requires minimum maintenance.

To answer the questions “How to choose artificial grass?” and “How much turf do I need?” simply keep in mind your budget and your needs when it comes to artificial turf. You can consult professionals, or you can search online.

Even so, there are certain tasks that you need to do to make your artificial turf last longer. These are:

1. Doing Away With Debris

Your artificial turf consists of mesh fibers which make up its base. Debris such as twigs and leaves could damage the mesh fibers. To prevent the artificial turf from tearing or snagging, you should remove debris as soon as they appear on your lawn.

When you leave debris on the lawn, you never know when someone is going to walk on it. When debris is forced into the fibers, small holes can start to develop, which can then damage the whole fabric that keeps the artificial turf together. You can also use a leaf blower or a lawn vacuum to easily remove plant seeds and dead bugs from your lawn.

2. Removing Weeds

Weeds will have a hard time growing in the artificial lawn, but that doesn’t stop them from peeking from the edges. Don’t allow weeds to grow on your lawn or it’ll push the artificial turf away from boundaries. You can either apply a small dose of weed killer into the edges of artificial turf or you can manually pull them out as they begin to appear.

3. Avoid Stain Producing Materials

Most artificial turf are stain resistant, but that can change in the long run if you allow stain-producing materials to reside in the artificial turf for a long time. As much as possible, you should remove materials that can cause stains since it can result in discoloration or stains. Note that once the artificial turf is already stained or discoloured then it can be pretty hard to remove.

    4. Using Turf Guard Screen Film

      No, you don’t have to use it in the artificial turf, only on the windows. But Turf Guard Screen Film is going to prevent your artificial grass from burning or melting, especially during the summer. You can protect your turf all you want, but there is no way you’re going to keep it away from reflected heat, not unless you get yourself some durable Turf Guard Screen Film.

      How long will grass last? Basically, artificial turf doesn’t require any type of maintenance other than the part where you need to make your artificial turf last.

      There are different types of artificial turf, but you don’t need to choose a top rated synthetic grass. You just need to follow the tips above, but most importantly, you need to install a screen film to protect your turf from reflected light.

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