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Tips to Follow When Your Artificial Grass Melted

Has your artificial grass melted? Many people are facing this problem. They notice that the fields start shrinking, and they see some patchiness almost everywhere. Homeowners have already told the manufacturers that their synthetic turf is melting.  Unfortunately, these companies do not cover the damage if the cause is the reflection from your windows.

How Does Artificial Grass Melt?

While too much sun exposure is one of the main reasons, it does not mean that it is the sole culprit. When the sunlight hits the Low-E coating, it prevents heat from entering the house. Because it has nowhere to go, the glass intensifies the heat and directs it onto your lawn. If this keeps going, you will have artificial grass melted.

Can You Avoid the Window Glare From Disintegrating Your Plastic Grass?

There are several ways to prevent from having the artificial grass melted. One of the things that you can do is water its surface several times a day. The fake lawn is naturally hotter than the real turf. Hence, it absorbs moisture quickly. To keep the green field fresh, you need to sprinkle water on the entire surface every half an hour.

Another way to prevent the artificial turf from melting is by changing its infill. Darker colored infill absorbs more heat than the lighter ones. Thus, if you are using infills that have a darker shade, then you should change them immediately.

However, these methods of protecting your turf from melting out have disadvantages. For instance, keeping the lawn fresh all day through irrigation can consume too much water. It could shoot up your bills, which is the opposite of its purpose.

Meanwhile, replacing the infill would take too much time. If you have limited free time, you would rather spend it with your family rather than changing the infill.

Don’t worry because there is still hope. If you already see melting out in the turf, the best solution would be to use anti-reflective window films. As the name suggests, they have anti-reflective properties, which reduce glare. Moreover, the film ensures that all areas of the field get the same amount of heat. That way, you will no longer see any patchiness in the area, no matter how hot the weather is.

All these advantages and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and find out how our products can prevent from having your artificial grass melted.

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