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Tools You Can Use to Keep the Artificial Grass Cool

Is your artificial grass heating up? Melting turf is one of the primary issues with this product. It melts because of heat exposure and reflection. Heat exposure doesn’t only refer to sun exposure. It also includes when heat is applied directly to the surface.

An example of this is a bonfire. When you’re on a camping trip, chances are, you will have a bonfire. If you light up a fire on a synthetic grass surface, the heat will rise, causing the turf blades to melt.

Meanwhile, a reflection refers to the bouncing of light. It usually occurs when a material has reflective properties. E-windows, for example, receive the natural light coming from the sun. Because it has reflective qualities, it transmits the heat to an object beside it; in this case, the artificial grass. Thus, the lawn’s temperature increases, resulting in melting.

Fortunately, you can keep your synthetic turf fresh and prevent it from disintegrating. You only need to use the following tools.


One of the tools that will stop the artificial grass from melting is water. We often thought that this type doesn’t need irrigation as it is made of plastic. However, it is the primary reason why you need to shower it with water.

Plastic grass absorbs more heat as compared to natural lawn. Therefore, to cool down the turf, you need to have a good irrigation system. You can use a hose to wash the surface. However, it would take time because you need to walk around the area to ensure everything gets wet.

Thus, many homeowners install a sprinkler so that they don’t need to stroll around the garden. They only need to turn on the sprinkler to keep the surface moist all day.

Awning Windows

These are hinged windows that swing outward at the bottom. It lets you open your window for better air circulation, even if it’s raining.

However, you can also use it to protect the artificial grass from melting. You only need to open your awning window to give your lawn a shade.

Shade Sail

This device is perfect if you have a small playground in your yard. A shade sail is a tool used for creating an outdoor cover. This device doesn’t only keep your fake grass cool but also provides protection for your kids whenever they’re playing outside.


If you don’t want to use a shade sail, you could use a canopy. It is an overhead roof that is attached to the metal covering to give support to the fabric. However, it only covers certain areas as it is smaller than a shade sail.

Perforated Window Films

The reason we recommend this specific window film is because of its benefits. For one, it provides a clearer outdoor view compared to other types. Second, it has UV inhibitors that prevent the faux grass from fading. Lastly, it soaks up the heat, resulting in lower temperatures and reducing the risk of turf disintegration.

These are the tools that you can use to keep the artificial grass cool. Out of all these items, the perforated window film is the best choice as it provides a permanent solution. If you want to buy this product, visit our website, windowfilmforturf.com, to order.

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