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Top 3 Technologies and Innovations of Artificial Grass

A breakthrough in technology has achieved another height. It is through the creation of artificial grass. The product is a good solution for problems, especially in sports and in lawns too. Artificial turf technology and innovation are very successful and the product is widely used nowadays. More and more sports fields and homes are taking advantage of synthetic grass and all of them undeniably love it.

Here are the technology and innovation of what we call artificial grass.

  1. Turf fiber

“Blade” is another term for turf fibers. It is responsible for safety and comfort of the individual. It is also what makes it durable, natural looking grass with a pleasing and soft grass-like resilience and feel. Ideally, it reduces friction from your skin, extremely durable and prevents skin abrasion. Turf fibers nowadays are created from polyethylene and the results are pleasing.

  • Fibrillated tape

These products are a result of foil extrusion. The foil is divided into a tape, then fibrillated specifically with a pattern. The fibrillation produces a natural look. It also feels like real grass because of the turf blades.

  • Monofilament blade

These are extruded going into a spinneret. The cross section of the spinneret is determined by what is called a die hole. The design plays a very important role. More shaped fibers are created for the faux grass to look more elastic and shaped like real grass.

  1. Backing

The backing of an artificial grass is composed of primary and secondary backing. Both backings must work hand in hand to provide the desired results, which is to create a stable system. The turf backing method can be finger unit or solid coated. There is also what we call PIurethane coating which can be also be applied to the artificial turf.

  • Primary backing

The primary backing makes it possible for the fibers of the turf top knotted into rows of material and it assist seaming of turf panels

  • Secondary backing

Is also called “latex coating” and is put on the opposite side of the primary backing. This is in order to lock the top knotted fibers in its position.

  1. Infill

This is the most important part of all synthetic turf fields. This serves as the baseline for the entire safety of turf products. This provides a cushion for absorbing impact and offers traction, especially for athletes.

These systems are the technology and innovation, which made the artificial grass. Lives have been improved thanks to these. No matter what technology your artificial turf is made of, the purpose would always be the same – that it is not just for aesthetic purposes, but more than that.

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