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Top 5 Reasons for Using Window Film in Your House

A lot of people still associate window film with automobiles. But aside from vehicles, there are actually numerous ways to use window film in your house, especially now that more homeowners want residences with a lot of glass paneling and sun-filled interiors.

Understanding Window Film

A window film is a finely laminated film that's applied to the surface of windows of houses, buildings, and automobiles. It comes in a variety of shades, grading, thickness, and colors, each offering solutions to various problems.

Window films are categorized by either their components, intended use, or technical performance. They are usually installed by window film installation companies, although there are DIY kits available for those who prefer to work with their hands.

5 Reasons to Use Window Film

There are several practical and worthwhile reasons why you should use window film in your house. 

  1. It boosts energy savings.

Applying tint to windows is a very practical move. With a window film, heat is retained in the winter but repelled during summer. Because of this, households don't need to use HVAC systems as much, thus enabling them to save money on fuel and electricity costs.

  1. It protects against damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Surprising as it may sound, people are still exposed to UV rays even inside their homes. A window film can reduce damaging UV rays by as much as 90%, ensuring families can enjoy their sunlight-filled homes without worrying about skin aging or skin cancer.

  1. Tint reduces window glare.

Window glare can be annoying inside the home and downright dangerous outside. The sun’s heat reflecting off windows can cause considerable damage to both artificial grass and vinyl sidings. There are already numerous reported instances of artificial turf melting from intense window glare.

  1. It provides additional privacy.

A window film gives you the best of both worlds. It helps veil the home's interior from the people outside while still allowing light to enter the room. This is why a lot of individuals who want additional privacy opt to tint the windows in their bedrooms, bathrooms, or offices. 

  1. It can keep rooms safe.

Window film in your house can also provide an extra layer of protection. A film covering eliminates the risk of shattering, whether it's from an errant baseball or an attempted break-in.

Why You Should Use Turf Guard

Turf Guard Window Film helps alleviate the damage caused by the sun's UV rays while maintaining a home's interior temperature. What's more, Turf Guard offers several types of window films that can enhance the appearance of any house while minimizing window glare.


Conserving energy, lowering bills and reducing window glare are just some of the reasons why you should use window film in your house. And Turf Guard Window Film is guaranteed to provide you with all that and more.

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