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Top Benefits of Window Film to the Environment

More people are beginning to appreciate the environmental benefits of window film. Property owners are now looking into “greener” homes and buildings in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint and to save natural resources. One way of protecting the environment is by using energy efficient windows with solar film.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Governments are now looking into ways to make their countries more energy efficient by encouraging their citizens to reduce their carbon footprints. For those confused by the term, a carbon footprint is the accumulated amount of carbon dioxide released or used by an individual due to the consumption of fossil fuel.

There are numerous ways to reduce one's carbon footprint, like riding a bike or buying local produce. Most homeowners might not be aware of this, but applying window film is another simple and affordable way to lessen carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Benefits of Window Film to the Environment

There are numerous benefits of window film, like saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Data have confirmed that window film definitely makes a huge difference.

One of the primary benefits of reflective window film is the reduction of solar heat. Window film aids in keeping the interior temperature of a residence or building consistent and comfortable.

Window film can keep the interior relatively cool during warm weather, as it can absorb around 57% to 60%  of solar heat. Because of this, residents don't have to use air-conditioning units or personal fans as often.

Aside from that, window film also traps radiant heat inside during cold months. It makes maintaining temperature levels easier and reduces the need for space heaters. This wonder product can save 2% to 5% energy during winter.

Other benefits of window film are preventing UV rays from entering living spaces and the reduction of window glare. Window film also provides added privacy and security to the home. 

Since window films lower the need to use heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, less electricity and natural gas are used. This leads to fewer fossil fuels being burned and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere are minimized.

Homeowners can save the environment by using Turf Guard Window Film on their windows. Covering every window with this film will help the home become more energy efficient. This, in turn, will reduce greenhouse emissions. With Turf Guard, you'll enjoy all the environmental benefits of window film.

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