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Turf Guard Window Film: The Best Way to Safeguard Artificial Grass

The use of artificial grass is becoming more and more popular, as it offers added beauty to your lawn all year long. However, turfgrass, like other products, can also be damaged if not taken care of and properly maintained. That is why the turf guard window film is recommended for artificial grass owners and even to those who have natural grass as well.

Why Does Artificial Grass Need to be Protected?

One of the downsides of turf grass is that it tends to melt when exposed to too much heat, but this can be prevented. It has a melting point of 175 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, artificial grass changes its color, shrink or melt.

What’s the best way to protect your artificial grass?

Since artificial grass melts from excessive exposure to sunlight, the best way to safeguard the grass is with the use of turf guard window film. This window film protects not only artificial turf but also vinyl siding and natural grass as it reduces the reflection of sun’s light from your home window.

A safety film doesn’t alter the look of your home, in fact, it enhances its appearance.

What is a Window Film?

Window films are made from polyester material and are commonly used on glass surfaces.The turf guard window film is designed to minimize the heat energy, thus protects synthetic and natural grass from excessive exposure to sunlight.

This film guard has an anti-reflective property which deflects the light and reduces the heat intensity, therefore, reducing the damage of synthetic grass.

The tint guard automatically and evenly spreads the sun’s heat, so the temperature is distributed, and not concentrated only on one area. Thus, lessens the artificial turf’s risk of possible damage.

The turf guard window film allows you to see what’s outside and it lets natural light come in, compared to Sungard tint, which darkens the room. Window film doesn’t affect the lighting of the room. It reduces the sun’s reflection while providing illumination to its surroundings so need to switch on your lights during the daytime.

Another advantage of using the security film is its capability of maintaining the home temperature. Just as how it protects artificial turf and natural grass from melting and burning, it also protects the interior of your home.

The Turf Guard Window Film is definitely the best when it comes to protecting an artificial lawn and what’s more, is you can save from your energy consumption.

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