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Use These Secret Ways to Stop Problem Reflection on Natural Grass

Do you have Low-E windows at home? Did you know that it can cause a problem with reflection on natural grass?

Many people are unaware of this issue. They thought that sun exposure was the leading cause of many turf problems. This may be true, but the temperature that it gives is not enough to kill the grass. It can cause drought, but it will not kill your lawn.

However, once the sun hits the Low-E window, the glass pane intensifies the sunbeam and leads it to your lawn. As a result, a problem with reflection on natural grass begins to occur. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues. You just need to do some turf maintenance.

Secret Ways to Solve Reflection Problems on Natural Grass

Listed below are the things you need to do to avoid turf problems:

1. Put Living Privacy Screens Right in Front of Your Window

If you want to learn how to prevent turf burn, you need to put living privacy screens in front of your window. Living privacy screens refer to plants and shrubs. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of your home but also prevent turf burn. You just need to grow them strategically to get its benefits.

2. Clean the Yard

Another way to solve a problem with reflection on natural grass is to clean your yard. Dried leaves and other particles can start a fire. Thus, you need to eliminate these objects to prevent the fire from the grass. Make a habit to clean up your yard to prevent this turf damage.

3. Water the Grass

This tip is obvious because all plants require water. Make sure that you water the lawn at least three times a week to keep it healthy and green. However, you need to do it before the sun hits your windows and burns your grass. Otherwise, you need to learn how to fix burnt grass.

4. Use Window Film for Turf

This is the best way to prevent the window reflection from burning your grass. This window film has holes that look like a bug screen. Its purpose is to reduce window glare. Furthermore, it disperses heat evenly to avoid solar heat damage on your lawn.

However, you can only solve this problem when you get the Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and find out how our window films can prevent a problem with reflection on natural grass.

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