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Vinyl Siding Melting Solutions: The Benefits of Using a Window Perf

We usually use perforated window films for displaying ads, but did you know that it is also one of the best vinyl siding melting solutions? In this post, we will give you reasons why window perf is the best way to prevent vinyl siding melting. However, you need to know what this window film is.

What Is a Perforated Window Film?

A perforated window film, or window perf, is a window tinting product used for advertising. It gives additional space for the establishment’s to post posters and fliers on their windows and doors. Nevertheless, this is not the only purpose of this product.

Users have noticed a drastic decrease in their energy consumption. They have observed that upon using window films, the temperature inside the building is cooler than outside the establishment. Hence, they do not need to turn up the AC unit, even if the weather is hot.

However, the perforated window film is not only for advertising purposes. You can also use it to prevent your neighbor’s windows from melting your vinyl siding.

How Does the Window Perf Protect Your PVC Wall?

The melting point of vinyl siding is between 160 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, if the sunlight hits your cladding directly, it will not distort your exterior wall. However, if the sun hits the neighbor’s Low-E window, it creates an intense heat that can reach up to 200 degrees. Therefore, if this highly concentrated temperature hits your siding, it could distort your outer wall.

Installing a perforated window film will not only reduce your energy consumption.  It will also prevent thermal distortion; hence, making it as one of the best vinyl siding melting solutions. The product has anti-reflective properties that reduce glare through refraction. Furthermore, it distributes the heat evenly so that no warping will appear on your siding.

Other Benefits of Perforated Window Film

Aside from being one of the best vinyl siding melting solutions, this product has other benefits to offer. For one, it is relatively cheap. You only need to spend a few bucks, which is cheaper than buying a heat resistant vinyl siding.

Last is the easy installation. You no longer need to do some melted vinyl siding repair, which is time-consuming. You just need to stick the film to the outer part of the window and let it do its work.

All these features and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and learn why our products are the best vinyl siding melting solutions.

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