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Vinyl Siding Melting: Who Is the One to Blame?

Is your vinyl siding melting? Many homeowners are experiencing this problem. They have seen that the outer walls of their homes are beginning to distort. For this reason, many people are filing a vinyl siding melting lawsuit against their neighbors.

Why Are Homeowners Filing a Complaint Against Next-Door Houses?

One of the primary reasons why their vinyl siding is melting is due to their neighbor’s energy-efficient windows. When the Low-E coating deforms, the window acts like a magnifying glass. It means that it intensifies the sunlight and directs it onto the next-door cladding. As a result, melted vinyl siding starts to appear.

Are Your Neighbors the One to Blame?

The truth is, your friend is not responsible for this damage. Like you, they are just consumers, trying to find ways to save money. While it is their window’s fault why you are dealing with this problem, you should not accuse them of this phenomenon.

Who Is the One to Blame?

If your neighbors are not responsible for this damage, whom do you blame? Unfortunately, you cannot point out who the real culprit is. Some people say that it is the vinyl siding manufacturers’ fault. They have created their materials with a low vinyl siding melting point, making it susceptible to melting.

However, siding companies claim that it is not their fault as they have tested their products before they sell it to the public. Nevertheless, they have modified their warranty policies so they can keep their hands off from vinyl siding melting damage.

On top of that, they are blaming the window manufacturers because many houses have to deal with vinyl siding that are melting.

Meanwhile, window manufacturers are hesitant to talk about this topic. They admitted that they are aware of this problem. However, if they give some melting vinyl siding solutions, it is like they are admitting that it is their fault. Therefore, they will let the siding and the glass manufacturers solve this problem. This statement is according to Jim Krahn, the manager for advanced research of one of the trusted window replacement companies.

What to Do When Your Siding Is Distorting?

There are several solutions for melting vinyl siding. However, the best way to stop this damage is by applying Turf Guard Window Film. It has anti-reflective properties that break the window reflection. Furthermore, it spreads the heat equally so that all areas will get the same amount of temperature.

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