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Water Systems vs. Window Perf: Which Is Better for Your Fake Turf

Burning grass is a widespread problem of both live and fake turf. This happens when the lawn can no longer handle the heat. Between the two types of grasses, the fake lawn is the most affected because it doesn’t have the ability to cool itself. Once it heats up, there’s no way to cool it again, unless you prevent the damage.

There are several tools that you can use to prevent the fake turf from burning. But the most popular devices are irrigation systems and perforated window films. But which one is better for preventing heat damage? Let’s find out.

What Is a Water System?

One of the ways to prevent your fake grass from burning is by using an irrigation system. It is a water supply that uses pipe pulling technology to hydrate your lawn. One of the best features of this tool is the time setting. You can set the time when you want to sprinkle the lawn. That way, it will automatically turn on, even if you’re not at home.

So how does this system prevent the fake turf from burning? When you consistently water the grass, the temperature goes down, preventing the lawn from burning. However, its effect will only last for about 5 to 20 minutes. Thus, you need to moisten the grass blades to keep them cool. You must be prepared, though, with your water bills as you need to hydrate your yard every 30 minutes.

What Is a Perforated Window Film?

Used in office windows, this film provides space for advertising. It allows business owners to post their campaigns to their buildings so that everyone can see their latest offers.

However, entrepreneurs are not the only people who can use perforated window films. Homeowners can install it in their homes as well. They use it to reduce their electricity bills and to improve security.

So how does it prevent the artificial grass from burning? Perforated films have UV protection and anti-reflective properties. UV protection blocks the harmful effects of the sun that could cause melting. Meanwhile, the anti-glare properties reduce reflection. They deflect off the light, which is the primary reason why your fake turf burns.

Which Is a Better Solution for Burning Grass Prevention?

Lawn irrigation systems and perforated window films can both protect the artificial lawn from burning. They both reduce the heat but in their own ways. But which one is better?

Water systems cool down the turf by hydrating the surface. However, it’s only a temporary solution as its effect doesn’t last. As a result, it increases your water bill.

Conversely, perforated window films offer a long-lasting solution. It takes effect once the films are applied to your windows. Hence, you no longer need to keep your artificial turf hydrated as it already absorbs the heat before it touches the field.

Therefore, perforated window films are the best choice when it comes to preventing burns. You only need to get this product from a reliable company to get its perks.

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