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Ways to Fix It When a Window Reflection Kills Your Plants

Having a green garden all throughout the year contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your home. The whole neighborhood may also enjoy your landscape. But, maintaining a beautiful landscape year around is not easy. Part of your duty is to prevent window reflection kill plants. Even the ones inside you house need some indoor plant care. Because of the responsibilities and busy schedules, many people decide to use artificial plants.

Choosing Artificial Grass and Plants

Ways to Fix It When a Window Reflection Kills Your Plants

There are many places that is experiencing water shortage. This makes homeowners minimize their water usage. One of their solution is to use synthetic turf and plants. These plastic materials can significantly cut down the amount of water consumed in a household. In addition, you can still keep a beautiful garden.

Plants that are artificial is easier to maintain considering that there is no need to water them. You do not even need to fertilize them. While artificial plants are good alternative to natural ones, they are more prone to melting when there is a window glare striking them. With this, you need to avoid the window reflection kill plants.

Low-E Windows

While artificial plants eliminate the need to fertilize and water them, be careful that window reflection kill plants. What you want to avoid is your plants to get melted and burned. If you have low-e coatings on your windows, be extra careful with your house plant care. The low-e windows absorb the heat from the sun and may probably transfer to your garden.

Low-E windows are not entirely bad for you and the surroundings. They are or energy-efficient windows that help easy plants to grow inside your house, as they keep the temperature colder especially during the hot season. Your low light plants are saved from the blazing heat of the sun. Many homeowners prefer these types of windows as the energy consumption is also reduced.

But still, do not forget that a low-e window is one of the many causes for burning grass and window reflection kill plants. The solution to fix the window glare is to use a window film, like the Turf Guard Window Film.

Apply it on the exterior part of your windows. When you use this film, it is beneficial both inside and outside your house. It comes with an ultraviolet ray blocker that helps keep the rich color of your plants. Moreover, the heat is distributed evenly on the entire lawn as they receive equal amount of temperature.

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