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Ways to Prevent Window Reflections From Melting Your Home Siding

One of the common issues with home siding is that it melts. Two factors can trigger this damage. First, is the installed vacuum in the windowpane. It forms a curved glass, which creates a magnifying glass effect. As a result, it concentrates the light onto your siding, causing it melt.

The second factor is your energy-efficient windows. The glass used by this window does what it supposed to do – reflecting the UV light away from your home. That way, you can save energy costs.

But because the UV rays have nowhere else to go, it directs and focuses the light onto your vinyl siding. Consequently, the air pressure rises, causing your outer wall to melt.

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent your insulated vinyl siding from melting. You only need to do the following tips:

Replace the Siding With a Material That Has a Higher Melting Point

One of the best solutions is to change your home siding. You could use cement, aluminum, wood, or fiber to replace your existing siding. These are more resistant to heat compared to vinyl materials. However, it could cause a lot of money because you need to replace the entire outer wall.

Use Stationary or Retractable Awnings

Another way to protect your house siding is by installing awnings. These serve as additional roofs that help reduce the temperature. It blocks the sun’s rays from hitting the windows; therefore, preventing the vinyl siding colors to melt. However, the house becomes gloomy as it hinders the natural light from entering your home.

Strategically Place Your Evergreen

If your window is not that high or above the ground level, you need to plant some evergreens. These plants will not only protect your home siding from melting; they will also add beauty to your property. Just plant the seeds where the beam of light hits to block its effects. However, you need to wait for years before it can protect your outer wall.

Apply Turf Guard Window Film

Many people raise their eyebrows with this solution as most window films are installed in the glass interior. But this product is different as it is applied to the outer part of the glass window. It refracts the light off and reduces the heat. Thus, you don’t need to do some vinyl siding repair to fix the damage.

If you want to protect your home siding from fading, visit our website and try our vinyl siding melting solutions.

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