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Ways to Protect Your Environmental-Friendly Turf from Heat Damage

Installing environmental-friendly turf is a way to help reduce water usage. Because it is an eco turf artificial grass, it does not require irrigation.

However, this kind of lawn is still susceptible to heat damage. When the hot temperature triggers its melting point, it can cause the grass fibers to melt, or worse; it can harm your children.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to prevent the effects of heat on artificial grass. You only need to do any of the following tips:

1. Assign Areas for Grills and Fire Pits

Grills and fire pits are two of the leading causes of heat damage to environmental-friendly turf. Grills can re-emit radiative heat flow, which can cause damage to your lawn. Meanwhile, fire pits can cause heat damage if they are applied directly to the turf.

To prevent grills and fire pits from damaging your environmentally friendly artificial grass, you can create a separate space for these items. For instance, you can place them on the patio so you can still enjoy cooking or camping outdoors without damaging your fake lawn.

2. Put Some Living Privacy Screens in Front of Your Windows

In addition to fire-emitting tools, your windows may also damage your artificial grass. This happens when a glass window becomes slightly concave. When the sun hits this concaved glass panel, it magnifies the sunbeam and focuses this highly concentrated light in one spot on your lawn. As a result, it can damage your environmental-friendly turf.

To keep your lawn safe from solar heat, you can place some living privacy screens in front of your windows. These are plants that give shade to your windows. They help prevent the sun from reaching the glass window; therefore, reducing the effects of window glare on these eco-friendly grass alternatives. Furthermore, they help provide privacy and improve the overall look of your yard.

3. Apply Perforated Window Screens to Your Windows

If the cause of heat damage is your windows on the second or third floor, then your best solution is to get some perforated window screens. These films are like bug screens because of their holes. They serve as anti-reflective screens, which help reduce glare. They also help lower air temperature. That way, your non-toxic artificial grass will stay green throughout the year.

However, whether you have an artificial turf that is environmental friendly or a real lawn in your garden, you need to protect it from heat damage. The best way to protect your environmental-friendly turf is by applying the Turf Guard Window Film to your windows. Go to our website and buy our products today.

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