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What Can You Get in Using Clear Perforated Window Film

Home windows that are being used nowadays are energy-efficient. In the US, 90 percent of window installations are Low-e windows. There are benefits from using these type of windows, but it can also create a problem for homeowners.

Effects of Sun’s Excessive Reflection

Reflection that is caused by the glare from the sun is an issue with windows as it causes intense heat that leads to melting of synthetic grass or damaging of plants. The energy-efficient windows use a low-emissivity glass, which is similar to a magnifying glass, and it reflects the sun’s rays away from the window and directing it to its surroundings.

Studies show that the coating applied to the window is made to reflect rays, plus the addition of its concave effect can intensify and magnify the heat. This problem gets worst when the sun’s angle is low like in winter, late fall or early spring

This increased reflection of the sun results to the melting of artificial grass, and you will see the brown spots on your lawn, which is not pleasing to the sight. The Low-E window’s problems are known in many countries. The good thing is this issue can be prevented.


You can prevent theses damages by using a Clear Perforated Window. It diminishes the heat being reflected towards your surroundings. It also provides privacy and security. This window film is affordable and available to all. The perforated window film comes in many sizes depending on the dimensions of your window, so it will perfectly fit on both large and small window.

With the many issues concerning heat, a good way to deal with it is by having a perforated window film, especially if you are using an artificial grass. The excessive exposure to the sun’s reflection will cause artificial grass to melt so it would be best to install a Clear Perforated Window Film before it causes a severe damage to your artificial lawn.

Safety and Security

The perforated window film can be applied to an exterior or interior side of the window. It works by allowing transparent version on one side and restricts the vision on the other side. A Clear Perforated Window Film is important in advertising and marketing of products. This type of film is ideal for those who wants security and safety in their home.


Privacy is one of the best usages of a perforated window film. It contains small holes so window graphics can be clearly seen. Light is being transmitted through the perforations and it allows privacy of the person seated in the dark area while the people on the opposite area can only see the printed graphic. The situation might be different at night where it is brighter inside the house because of the lights.

Get a Clear Perforated Window Film for your home; it saves you from all issues concerning excessive heat caused by reflective surfaces. A perforated window film ensures that your lawn will be secured from damaged by the sun’s magnified reflection.

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