What Causes Vinyl Siding Damage in Suburban Homes?

Vinyl siding damage has become a common issue among residents in suburban areas. If you search online, there are tons of homeowners who are seeking for ways to start repairing vinyl siding damage in their abode. There are ones who are not even aware of the cause of their problem.

Many even encountered the need for a melted siding repair no matter how expensive building their house is. The truth is, you cannot simply blame the vinyl siding lifespan for the problem.

Take note that a vinyl melting point is reached at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This is way too high for a resistance, ensuring that the material will not simply distort. If homeowners previously worried about the entry of extreme sunlight through the window, they now have reason to worry about their siding as well, as not doing so could lead to more serious problems.

Possible Causes Leading to Vinyl Distortion

Various factors can lead to vinyl siding damage. You should inspect first if you have energy efficient windows. If you do, most likely, this is due to the said material. Although low-E windows are meant to sustain the coolness of your interior, it can increase the intensity of reflected sunlight.

There are energy efficient windows that act like magnifying glass. It will shoot the rays from the sun similar to concentrated beams of light to the areas surrounding your home. To make things worse, it may also reflect light to the house next door.

Alternatively, your vinyl siding damage may be due to the energy efficient windows of your fellow resident living nearby.

What Makes the Vinyl Distortion Problem Worse?

The issue will never be regarded as a significant problem only if it is covered by the warranty of vinyl materials. Unfortunately, it is not. According to manufacturers of vinyl, the thermal distortion that takes place on rare occasions due to the combination of the direction where your abode is facing to the current sun course cannot be foreseen.

It was debated by the suppliers of the vinyl material that their products are designed accordingly. Moreover, they even clarified that it has a certain melting point. Beyond that limitation, it will get damaged.

Recommended Solution for Vinyl Siding Melting

Instead of contesting your right for a warranty, you should prevent the problem. You can simply install a window film that will diffract the sunlight even if you are using energy efficient windows. This is a solution that will not cost you a lot but is trusted and proven.

With the aforementioned facts, you will understand that living in suburban areas will expose you to a higher risk of siding distortion. Simply consider keeping your abode from vinyl siding damage with a window film.

There may be tons of window films on the market, but only Siding Guard Window Film can solve your problem with ease. Furthermore, it comes at an affordable price matching most people’s budget.

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