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What Happens When the Artificial Turf Melting Point is Breached?

How essential is it to protect synthetic grass from reaching the artificial turf melting point? What could possibly happen to the artificial grass if the temperature is too high?

The artificial grass is made of plastic fiber and has a melting point of 175 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s pretty hot and normally caused by the sun’s glare or from the concentrated reflection from glass windows.

Once the melting point is breached, it will cause issues to the artificial turf. Here are some of the effects that may manifest once it hits the artificial turf melting point:

Discoloration in Some Areas of the Artificial Lawn

Areas where increased heat is directed or reflected causes a change in color. It could turn to a yellowish or brown color. The intense heat caused by other factors such as light reflected from windows or gutters is the primary culprit. This can easily be remedied.

Appearance of Brown Patches

Some areas would display brown patches once the melting point is breached. These brown patches indicate turf burn.

Grass Melts

Yes, it does melt. Synthetic grass is susceptible to melting once the temperature is over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not healthy if these melted substances get in contact with the skin. This could cause skin problems if exposed to the sun.


As a result of reaching the artificial turf melting point, the artificial grass shrinks in size.

Hot Surface

Once the melting point is reached, the surface becomes too hot. This can be harmful to your children, pets, and you as well.

What to Do to Prevent This?

There are a lot of benefits using artificial grass.However, there are forces of nature that can cause certain problems. In the case of hitting the artificial turf melting point, this can easily be prevented. Here are some tips on how to prevent turf burn in your lawn:

Use a perforated window film – This window film had been proven to reduce heat, you can apply this to glass windows to prevent the sun’s reflection to your lawn.  Try visiting our website and consider buying our Turf Guard Window Film.

Sprinkle water – it is best to apply this if the temperature is really hot. Sprinkling water to your lawn helps to reduce the temperature.

Planting trees or shrubs – this can produce shades which protect your artificial grass from heat.

How to Fix Burnt Grass?

If the grass is already burned, then you’ve got to change the damaged part or area which is the best way on how to fix burnt grass.

It is really great having an artificial grass, however, like other products, it also needs care and turf maintenance. It is important to understand when the artificial turf melting point can be breached in order to prevent it.

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